DWQA Ask QuestionHandling Amazon Mega Menu Navigation Dynamically
admin Staff asked 2 years ago

Create a method to handle Amazon Mega Menu Links of categories. Method should be reusable and should have this signature:

public boolean click_mega_menu_shop_by_category(String category_name, String sub_category_name);

i.e. if I pass category name and sub category name in to the method, it should be able to click on the required link.

  • Navigate to URL: amazon.in
  • Mouse Over on <Shop By Category Link>
  • Drop down will open, validate that drop down is displayed
  • Mouse over on the category passed in the method.
  • Sub category block opens up. validate the sub category pop up is displayed.
  • Click on the sub_category_link passed in the method’s second argument.
  • validate that the correct results are displayed.


Use Maven.

Use test ng for assertions

Use test ng reporter.log for logging.

try using extent