Selenium Cross Browser Testing (Fire fox, Google Chrome,Internet Explorer)

Why do we need Cross Browser Testing?

Web based applications are totally different from windows applications. A web application can be opened in any browser by the end user. For example some people prefer to open Firefox browser, while other’s can be using Chrome browser or IE.


Reason Cross Browser Issues

  1. Font size mismatch in different browsers.
  2. JavaScript implementation can be different.
  3. CSS,HTML validation difference can be there according to browsers.
  4. man browser still not supporting HTML5 and latest version of html.
  5. Page alignment and div  and frames size.
  6. Image Size is different on browsers.
  7. Browser compatibility  issue with different OS. Etc.

Creating Single Webdriver  object and running test on different browser :

Use this above Class for creating Browser Object .

This below class will explain how you can create different browser object.