I have written below questions from Framework interview questions perspective. if you have precise answers to nearly all of them then your framework related interview troubles would be gone.

In time I would start writing the answers to these questions. Till then try to write them on your own.


  1. How do you configure your pack?
  2. How do you execute your pack?
  3. How frequently do you run your pack?
  4. How many environment you are running against?
  5. How many test cases do you have, in regression and smoke?
  6. How much is the Execution time for regression?
  7. How much is the Execution time for Smoke?
  8. Parallel or Sequential execution?
  9. How frequently your execution catch functionality defects?
  10. How frequently your execution catch env stability defects?


  1. Are you using any existing Framework ?
  2. What tool set you are using: Maven, TestNG, Log4j, Git etc?
  3. How mature is the Framework, robustness, synchronization, Generic method libraries, like, xl, db, xml, json common libraries?
  4. How do you store Locators, locators strategies, like page object model etc?
  5. How do generate low level logs?
  6. How do you generate high level logs?
  7. How readable and lucid your high level logs are for end user? Dashboards, count, pass/fail percentage, test case steps, steps details, screen shots per steps.
  8. What is your screen shots strategy? Test case level, step level?
  9. Where do you store Historical reports for Audit purposes?

Framework User:

  1. How easy it is to create the test scripts?
  2. How much expertise is required to write test scripts? (depends on maturity of the framework)
  3. Who write the automation test, only automation tester or functional testers as well.( a functional tester can write better automated tests)?
  4. How much test cases per day you can create using the current Framework?


  1. What is the current fail rate? And what are the primary reasons?
  2. How much time is spent in fixing the failed scripts and what priority it holds?

Review and Quality Check: (to control the FW robustness and Test case quality):

  1. What is the current code review strategy?
  2. What is the branching and code merge strategy?
  3. Do you have review check list for the reviewers?
  4. Number of mandatory approvals for the code merge in the final build


  1. Where FW is kept for others to execute? Everyone should be able to trigger the pack.
  2. How FW build is created? Manual or Automatic(team city/Jenkins, maven, ant etc)
  3. Where Build is kept and where it gets executed? Do you have VMs to run your pack?


  1. What is your automation sprint cycle?
  2. Do you have daily scrum meetings?
  3. How do you notify about new enhancement in the Framework and generic methods with in the team?
  4. Do you have regular demos?
  5. Do you have regular retrospectives?
  6. How much are you delivering per sprint?
  7. How much is your current back log?
  8. What percentage of test cases are currently automated?
  9. How frequently you update your back log and how do you pick which test cases holds priority in that sprint?
  10. Do you have CI integration for test Automation pack?
  11. What percent of your automation is back end and in compliance with Agile testing pyramid?

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