Java Selenium FW/Misc
Java Collections Synchronization Test NG
Interface and Abstract Class Window Handling Component of FW
Java 8 features-Lamda Expression and Functional Interface Alert Handling Maven
Java Generics Frames Handling Git
OOPs concept implementation in your Framework Cross Browser Testing on Mozila and Chrome jenkins
JDBC DB connection XPATHs CI-CD Pipeline
Excel Connection WebTable Handling Cucumber
Multithreading in java AutoIT use cases API Automation
Singlton Class for DB Actions Class SQL
Singlton Class for WebDriver Manager Headless Browser TestNG Listerner and their use case with Extent Report
String, String buffer and String Builder Page object model and page factory Test NG data Provider
Java: Create a reusable method to create a directory, inside directory, check if the file exist, if file does not exist, create the file, write some text in it. If file already exist then append the file. Desired Capabilties in Selenium and their use case How to Take Screenshot in Selenium WebDriver
Explain about Various and testing types: Smoke, Sanity, Regression. Testing phases: Unit, Integration , System Integration testing, UAT, Beta testing,. Also, explain, Black Box and White Box testing.
Cover test methodologies like, boundary value analysis etc.What is code coverage and test coverage. Tracibilty Matrix, do we use it. Test Plan and test strategy. Exit and entry criteria
Different tools used in the project. Give Demo on Jira. Project and task management tool Jira, Defect management tool, test management tool.


Explain-Agile, Agile manifesto, Kanban and Scrum
Collection in java, different types of collection
What is String pool. What do u mean by String immutability.
Heap and Stack Memory
Introduce Yourself and explain your current project details.
Abstract Class/Interfaces Differences
Explain Data Provider usage in test ng, why do use it and how.
Explain what is continuous integration, what is dev ops, why do we need CI, live examples, Where automation testing is involved in the CI process, Jenkins
Explain Java 8 features in detail.
Explain Agile Scrum in detail with all the stake holders and ceremonies
What is testing and why do we need automation testing.
What is API and Data base testing.
Explain full TestNG XML schema, parallel execution, method tag, include , exclude, regular expression, test parameters, check xml in yantra and explain in full detail
Static variables, Final variable and Inheritance
Explain OOPS principals with examples.
Explain FW
Explain Synchronization in Selenium, Implicit, explicit, Fluent waits, search for Interview questions around the topic and include them in the ppt
Explain How to handle alerts in Selenium, java script alerts, windows alerts, how to handle them. auto it, search for Interview questions around the topic and include them in the ppt
Explain BDD/TDD. Why do need it, What is cucumber. Dnt worry about the implementation, but the theory and understanding around the subject should be part of the ppt.
How to Handle Web tables in java, how to handle AJAX control, give any live example of the recent challenge you have faced and how did you overcome it.
Explain testng XML and all its tags and nodes , purpose of eac tag and node, like suite, name, test , classes, class, method, include, enabled , disabled, parameter etc, explain all the different scenarios which can be handled using the test ng xml

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